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Lisa Rae Muir, Shamanic Practitioner

Soul Retrieval


Have you ever felt as though you have not been the same since (fill in the blank)? Do you find yourself wondering why you can't seem to move forward and why whatever you do feels more difficult than it needs to be? From a shamanic perspective, these expressions indicate potential soul loss or theft. We all experience traumatic events throughout our lives where a soul essence will go somewhere safe until we are ready to welcome it home. Then there is the experience we might have with someone who is either jealous or wants to make our lives better to the point where they are actually stealing our soul essence or burdening us with theirs. This is especially common in families and close relationships. While good-intentioned, the fact is that either giving or taking a soul essence from another does no one any good. With a soul retrieval, emphasis is placed on the healing aspect rather than on the drama. Only pure soul essence returns with the gifts of healing and the tools for recovery. With aftercare, Soul Retrieval has the potential for being a powerful transformative healing.

Soul Retrievals can also be performed for animals, workplaces and locations, particularly those places suffering from war, famine and poverty.


What are you passionate about? What are you here to learn and accomplish? We chose this life with goals in mind and were excited to grow and realize those goals. Many of us have forgotten or others have projected upon us their ideas of who we are and what we "should" be doing. Rarely does anyone see you for who you really are. After a Soul Retrieval, a Soul Remembering can aid in the healing process and put you back on the path to fulfilling your life purpose.


I am both humbled and proud to say that I am able to bring Sandra Ingerman's standards and methods through all my work, including Soul Retrieval.  While she herself encourages her students to create their own unique practices and teaching styles, the foundation of respect, ethics and compassion towards those who have gone before us, as well as those here in the present and future is a constant.  If you are interested in learning more about Sandra and Soul Retrieval, click here.

“Nothing can dim the Light which shines from within.”  - Maya Angelou

“Nothing can dim the Light which shines from within.” - Maya Angelou