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Lisa Rae Muir, Shamanic Practitioner

Shamanic Services


Energy Clearing

Sometimes the energy around your physical body or living and working spaces would benefit from the clearing of low-level or negative vibrations and inviting in the highest, positive vibrations.  This is especially effective for those who've suffered relationship issues such as break-ups, divorce, abuse, or co-worker friction.  If you've moved into a new space, a clearing and blessing is a fresh start.  This can be a short session (45 - 60 minutes) and done remotely, but if you want me to come to your location, please contact me.

Power Animal Retrieval

This is a journey to reconnect with the natural world and call upon the help, support and guidance of a helping spirit in the form of a power animal, who possesses the characteristics you need in the present.  The size or species of the animal is irrelevant; it's about the medicine they carry.  Yes, you may have more than one Power Animal.  There is typically one that comes into the world with you (like a Guardian Angel), and others come and go depending on what assistance you need at any given time.  This can be a short session of 45 - 60 minutes.


Do you have a specific question?  Through a journey, questions can be answered by conversing with plant and animal spirits, angels, ascended masters, ancestors and spirit guides.  This service may be done in as little as 30 minutes.  If you want a longer session for more in-depth questions and guidance, please contact me.


Locate those who have passed and need guidance into the light or help in understanding where they are.  Gain closure and ease grief by working with deceased loved ones or those “stuck” here due to a tragedy or catastrophic event.

Soul Retrieval

Various traumatic life events can result in one or more soul essences retreating to a safe place.  With the help of a team of guides, it is possible to find those soul essences and bring them back for reintegration.  Please be advised that clearing work may be necessary before a Soul Retrieval can be done.  Depending on the depth of the clearing called for, two sessions may need to be scheduled.  Learn more on the Soul Retrieval page.  A Soul Retrieval is a Special Service that requires deep work.

This session is commonly followed-up with a second 45 - 60 minute session called a Soul Remembering (Life Purpose).  

Compassionate Depossession/Spirit Releasement

Shamanic vision sees and understands there is a spark of light in every entity, no matter how it presents itself.  Calling them forward and guiding them into the Light is an especially loving and effective way to help you reclaim sovereignty of your physical body and life.  For more information, there is an interview with Betsy Bergstrom, the Shamanic Practitioner who coined the term “compassionate depossession.”  This is considered a Special Service because of the unrealized work done from the moment the appointment is scheduled.

A follow-up session is strongly encouraged.  


Curse unraveling

Intentional or not, harm can be cast with words.  Words and thoughts carry energy and power.  Sometimes these curses are carried forward through past lives or family lineage.  Gently unraveling them relieves you as well as your ancestors (if family related) and descendants.   


The energy behind negative thoughts and repressed emotions can cause spiritual intrusions.  These spiritual intrusions are misplaced energy that may present as emotional distress, such as depression, or physical pain.  They can be removed, and changes can be made to support the healing.

Energetic decording

Close or turbulent relationships may form energetic cords that attach us to different people.  The cording goes both ways and has the potential to cause confusion or the inability to move forward.  Decording with love is a positive way to pull back your energy, as well as return energy which does not belong to you.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records, the “library” where everyone’s Soul Book resides, contains information for the past, present and future.  Accessing your Soul Book can answer questions and provide guidance.  The book may have been written, but you always have the power to choose from your best options in any given situation.